BC504 Brush Cutter


The DAVCO© BC504 Brush Cutter is available for the 15-20 gpm skid-steer carriers. The DAVCO© BC504 Brush Cutter is designed for hours of low maintenance and easy operation.

The DAVCO© BC504 Brush Cutter attaches to the carrier using an industry standard quick-attach mount. All required hydraulic hoses and quick couplers are included for fast, easy connection to the carrier.

Carriers operating with DAVCO© brush cutters must be equipped with safety approved shielding (i.e. the front door) as a safety precaution.


Attachment type: Industrial Brush Cutter
Model Number: BC504
Attachment Weight: 975 lbs.
Required Hydraulic Flow: 15-20 gpm
Dimensions: Length 72″ Width 60″ Height 20.5″
Cutting Width: 58″
Cutting capacity: 3″
Cutting height: 0 (your Choice)
Operation: True Direct Drive
Tip speed:
15 Gpm =10737 (707 Rpm)
20 Gpm =14303 (942 Rpm)

Note: The Davco® Industrial strength rotary Mulcher/ Brush cutter uses tremendous flywheel inertia generating torque and does not require a high RPM to give it its optimum cutting speed.

Features: 3 blades, able to sharpen & turn over to use other side
Jamb Guard (helps prevent debris from jamming up)
Warranty: 12 months


 Davco Model  GPM of Carrier Tip speed/ft per minute
BC504 20 14317
BC504 15 10738
BC504 13.7 9807
BC504 15 10738


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